40 Before 40

I love the idea of having a Bucket List, but it’s a little morbid… so I’ve gone with the 40 Before 40 List instead. It’s a long enough time (10 years for me as I turn 30 this year) to achieve some long-term goals, but I can also whip through some short-term goals and feel a sense of achievement. Also, worst case scenario, in ten years I cross out ’40’ and change it to ’50’!

Some are small things that I’ve been meaning to do for ages and just haven’t got round to, some are dependant on finances, and others are just a dream, but you never know…

  1. Travel to all 7 continents (4 down…Australia, Antarctica and South America to go!)
  2. Grow my nails. This is approximately the 4000th time this wish has appeared on a To Do list of mine. Can’t hurt to keep trying, and I’ll treat myself to a proper manicure when I’ve managed it.
  3. Write a book (preferably a best-seller that will pay off my mortgage – girl’s gotta dream!)
  4. Face my fears and go scuba diving (shudder).
  5. Try contouring (you know, that weird thing where you colour in your face all crazy and it magically blends into a beautiful, sculpted, better version of you…).
  6. Make a will. Can’t have all my money (hah!) going to my husband when I actually intend to leave it to my cats…
  7. Dream holidays: New York at Christmas and an Alaskan cruise.
  8. Sew myself a top.
  9. Get a beautiful, original and meaningful tattoo…in this world of hideous inkings that would be quite an achievement!
  10. Complete ‘Walk the Wight’, a 26.5 mile hike across the Island in aid of the wonderful Earl Mountbatten Hospice.
  11. Watch ‘Matilda’ at the West End.
  12. Cycle across the Isle of Wight…and perhaps around it too if I’m feeling fit!
  13. Cook a delicious, vegetarian Christmas dinner for my extended family.
  14. Have a picnic somewhere scenic with my little family.
  15. Sew something for my son to wear…sorry buddy but it’s now on the list!
  16. Reach my pre-baby weight, which is also my healthy BMI target.
  17. I’m still working my way through the BBC’s 2003 Big Read Top 100 books! It’s been so long I can’t remember what I’ve read and what’s sitting on my shelf waiting…sigh. Something about A-levels, a degree, a wedding, a teaching career and a baby has thrown me off-track! Excuses excuses…there are only a handful left now so I should get cracking.
  18. Be a real life grownup and own a full, matching set of towels. Exciting.
  19. Bake a successful loaf of gluten-free bread.
  20. Travel first class.
  21. Read the Old Testament. Yawn. I don’t really enjoy the OT, I much prefer the relevance of the NT. However, I am a grownup now and the OT has some really important history in the relationship between God and His people. Still, yawn.
  22. Run a race. I’m going to be really unspecific here because I don’t want to promise to run a marathon, but I’d love to achieve a 10k or even a half-marathon.
  23. Make choux pastry. I loooove a profiterole.
  24. Watch some ‘must see’ films that I haven’t got around to yet. I’m thinking Withnail and I, Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting and Monty Python’s Life of Brian.
  25. Revise my Arabic. This is another vague one I’m afraid, but I can’t think of a specific, Arabic-related target. I studied it (alongside French) at university but the language side got a bit neglected as I focussed on the history, literature, religion and law modules besides my dissertation. I’m never going to be a fluent speaker of foreign languages as I’m too lazy to immerse myself, but I can be a good reader and moderately good translator if I put some effort in.
  26. Decorate the kitchen. My ‘dream kitchen’ Pinterest board and eBay watch list are both bursting at the seams, but I actually need to allocate some funds to this.
  27. Surf.
  28. Visit Canada for Niagara Falls, a real ice hockey game, and maple syrup, obvs.
  29. Get a relaxing facial in a fancy spa.
  30. Buy a grownup car. My yellow Fiat Panda has been wonderful, but it’s a little on the compact and basic side for a family. No remote locking, no air con, no Isofix, no fifth seat, and practically no boot! Time to upgrade…
  31. Try sailing.
  32. Refresh my conch piercing – I took it out when I was ill/pregnant and it was irritating me. Now I want it back because I’ve got lust for a ring I saw on Etsy…
  33. Visit a National Park in America.
  34. Progress in my career. As a primary school teacher, I have a few different options for the future. My first step is probably becoming a subject leader. This may take a while as I’m only just starting back after my maternity leave.
  35. Knit something.
  36. Go on a family camping trip. Or at least, glamping.
  37. Tidy our garage. This is one of the longer-term targets. I am not joking!
  38. Finish a self-portrait of reasonable standard.
  39. Try a few new foods – I am super fussy. Let’s say: goji berries, sourdough bread, avocado, polenta chips and plantain.
  40. ??Complete our family with a second child?? This one is seriously up for debate! Our first is very young still, and I don’t one bit feel like taking on a second right now, but I feel that it’s a reasonable expectation in the next few years so I’ve added it to the list with a big question mark next to it because it’s a pretty huge one to miss off!


Have you got a similar list? Anything on my list that horrifies you?! Let me know if there’s anything you’re desperate to tick off your list in the next few years. What’s your timeline?



One thought on “40 Before 40

  1. Angie says:

    I love your list! I just launched my 40 before 40, but I started late and only gave myself 365 days to complete! It shall be 365 days of madness! Good luck to you 🙂


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